Bulk Pickup

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Extra-Pickups / Bulk Waste / Yard Debris

Bulk Waste Includes: furniture, mattresses, construction debris and other large items which cannot be placed in the cart. This also includes appliances, stoves, refrigerators, water tanks, washing machines, dryers, etc.

Bulk Waste does not include: dead animals or hazardous waste.

Bulk waste will be picked up on a scheduled basis. Please contact our office and let the staff know exactly what you have for pick-up. At that time we can provide pricing, payment and pick-up arrangements.

Keep in mind the idea of recycling these products and reducing the waste stream. If we simply throw them away, they are taken directly to the landfills. Ways we can recycle these products are:

Call the Goodwill, Salvation Army, etc. When you have old clothes, furniture, or even computers and TV's. Many times these donations are tax deductible, and it also helps out those individuals who are needy.

All items must be curbside for bulk pick-up in addition to payment received